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Becoming A Conscious Leader, Gina Hayden, Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.


“This book makes a compelling case that we need more conscious leaders who can help organisations and communities become highly purpose-driven. Conscious leaders can help tilt the universe toward the greater good of humanity. If you want to improve yourself and improve the world, this is a must-read book.”

– David Altman, Ph.D. COO, Center for Creative Leadership

“Becoming a Conscious Leader is the most comprehensive assessment of what it is going to take for leaders in the business world to understand what is needed to expedite the evolution of the world of commerce.”

– Laura Roberts, CEO, Pantheon Enterprises

“This timely book hits the spot! Brimming with insights at every turn, it is designed to aid our awakening as leaders and change agents. My hope is that a threshold of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders actualise the potential these pages reveal.”  

– Giles Hutchins author of Future Fit and Chair of The Future Fit Leadership Academy.


Becoming A Conscious Leader Spiral, Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.


There is a new breed of leader on the block, leaders who see themselves, their employees, their competition and the world differently. They are flourishing in a world that is increasingly interconnected and that demands a new approach. These leaders are Conscious Leaders.

According to author, Gina Hayden, “Today, business can have a higher purpose in the world than simply the act of making a profit. Business can take responsibility for its impact on the world and factor this in to the way it conducts its profit-making activities. It is the most powerful institution we have and, with the right leadership, it can have a profoundly positive effect on the greater good.”

     This book tells you exactly how to lead successfully in a world that’s waking up. In it, you will discover how to practise conscious self-mastery to enhance your leadership; how to consciously relate to others; how to ensure your teams are bringing their full selves to work; how to ignite passion and spark innovative energy; what collaboration beyond competition can mean for your business; how to increase your positive impact on the world and how to find purpose beyond profit.

     Incorporating stories and practical wisdom from over 20 conscious business leaders worldwide, this book will guide you and delight you in the possibilities of expanding your impact as a leader. For a business to evolve, the leader needs to evolve. Becoming a Conscious Leader shows you how you can be that vehicle for change

“There is no higher calling than to be a truly conscious leader, one who is motivated by service to people and the purpose of the organisation, and not by ego, power or self-enrichment.

In this highly engaging and very read- able book, Gina Hayden has synthesised the

wisdom of conscious leaders.”

– Raj Sisodia, Professor of Global Business, Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism Inc.


Gina Hayden has worked with leaders across the world for the past twenty years developing their capacity to lead with more awareness, wisdom and choice. In addition to coaching executives and consulting widely in companies such PwC, AT Kearney, AlixPartners, Novartis and SCA, she is the co-founder of The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership and a Director of Conscious Capitalism UK. She is passionate about bringing more conscious and responsible leadership to business and how business can be a powerful force for good in the world.

Gina Hayden, Author of Becoming A Conscious Leader, Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.
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