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Love & The Devine Feminine Paperback Book, David Cadman, Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.


Once upon a time, the wisdom of the Lunar goddess kept all in balance and harmony, but the intellect of the Solar god came to hold sway and something was lost – now, we need to find it again.

     Love and the Divine Feminine is an exploration of the loss of love and the feminine principle in Western culture. It is a story about how a particular kind of patriarchy and a doctrine of sin and redemption has dominated our lives, leaving a trail of suffering and destruction in its wake.

     This book is a search for Love, and for the Divine Feminine; it offers a new story where the Myth of Love takes centre stage, neither masculine nor feminine, but whole.

Extract from the book


If we were able to shift our perspective enough to see, once more, the presence of the Divine within us and around us, strung like jewels on a thread and spread out upon the earth, our relationship with Nature would change, for it would surely follow that to harm the Earth would be unthinkable, it would be heresy. Until then, we may, too late, find that our loss of a sense of the sacred turns out to be the loss of, 'the only realistic limit to the arrogance of our ambition.' If this is true, then regaining our sense of the sacred, and placing it at the very heart of the recovery of Love will be essential in equipping us to respond adequately to the environmental challenges we are now faced with.



David Cadman's Love and the Divine Feminine has landed deeply within my being. I have felt his words call to a soulful realm within me and have felt them ignite long-forgotten memories of what feels like Home: of feeling totally enveloped by Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine, and the cycles and rhythms of life on this beautiful Earth. I feel Spirit in this book. I feel the innocent heart of David Cadman and his sincere quest in revitalising the Holy Grail and the remembrance of Great Mother. It is a humble book and simple in many ways, but touches the Heart of the Matter, and gives a true transmission of Love and the forgotten realms of Avalon.

Eleanor Rose, Wisdom Weaver


David Cadman's work is centred upon teachings of love and compassion, wholeness and connectivity. For many years David has held professorial titles or fellowships in universities both in the UK and America. He is currently a Harmony Professor of Practice at the University of Wales Trinity St David, where he is exploring principles of Harmony in Education, in Food and Farming, in Wellbeing, and in Business and the Economy.       

     Formerly Chairman of The Prince’s Foundation and a Trustee of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, he is Harmony Adviser to The Prince’s Foundation based at Dumfries House in Scotland. Together with his colleague, Scherto Gill, and colleagues in China and America, he is presently involved in a research project entitled ‘A Narrative of Love’. Under the pen name William Blyghton ( he is the author of three novels that, together, comprise The Suffolk Trilogy.  His new novel, The Language of Love co-written with Lorna Howarth, will be published in March 2022.

David Cadman, Author, Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.
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