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Noah - An Old Fool, paperback book by William Blyghton, published by Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.


Noah: An Old Fool

By William Blyghton

Noah is the third book in The Suffolk Trilogy, the previous books being The House by the Marsh and Abraham Soar

About the book...

Noah lives alone and is obsessed by news of climate change. He doesn’t notice his neighbour at first, but she notices him. She notices that he retreats to his lifeboat, moored at the end of his garden, for hours on end, and she wonders what he does there.

        When Noah does meet Molly, she brings a lightness to his life that has been missing for a long time, and he begins to see beauty again; but his thoughts are always troubled, his search for meaning blighted by doubt.

        Noah has a dream that disturbs him to the core and Molly has a secret that she longs to share. It seems the two were destined to meet, if only to love each other in such troubled times. For each it is Love that saves them. Perhaps only Love can save us all?


This book is the third part of The Suffolk Trilogy, which started with The House by the Marsh, was followed by Abraham Soar and is now completed with Noah: An Old Fool. The trilogy follows the lives of three men, William, Abraham and Noah, each in their seventies and each, in their own ways, foolish – as men of seventy often are.


Reviewers of The House by the Marsh said:


“I have come away from this book with a little more insight into how to grow old.”


“It left me with feelings of beauty and peace.”


“Beautifully written, with simple elegance. This book deserves to be widely read.”


“A gentle, thoughtful book, with a lot of wisdom and insight.”

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