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A Time for Planting and Patience

Now we have passed the Spring Equinox and the days are getting warmer it is time to consider what seeds we wish to plant, both physically and metaphysically. Just as we choose what varieties of lettuce and tomatoes to sow, we can also choose the ‘seeds of intention’ that we wish to nurture – the ideas and plans that we dreamed of in the Winter months. But if you are still contemplating what it is that motivates you and where you wish to focus your energy this year, then fear not. As the great gardener Monty Don once said, “It’s much better to plant later in Spring than too early” – because at the moment, the soil is still cold and seeds can fail to germinate, and that can also be the case with your inner seeds of intention. They may not be quite ready to unfurl. So, if you are not sure which path to take or what decision to make, then take no action other than to trust that Nature’s timing – and yours – is always perfect.

I planted a seed of intention three years ago – I wanted to focus my energy on creative writing – it was a deep desire, something I’d held close since I was a child. Three years later – with plenty of nurturing, watering and feeding, that seed has born fruit and the object of my intent ­– in the form of book I co-wrote called The Soulistic Journey, has materialised. But it didn’t happen overnight, just as seeds will not germinate and blossom until they are ready. So, it’s wise to remember that though we may plant our seeds now, they are still subject to natural laws of timing. They bear fruit when they are ripe, and we have to be patient.

This brings me to my personal New Story of Spring – which is the practice of Patience. This is the great lesson that the Spring has taught me this year. I have waited impatiently for the blackbird to sing his Spring song. In the darkest days of February, I egged him on to sing for me, but he just cocked his head and looked me in the eye, as if to say, “Not now, not yet.” I have watched on a daily basis, as the buds of the daffodils slowly become plump and begin to unfurl; I have waited impatiently and yearned for their blossoming, but Nature takes her own sweet time, no matter what I want.

The lessons of Patience are many and are intimately connected with our own journey of life. I’ve asked myself, why am I so impatient for the golden tulip when the young bud is pure perfection in its own right? This Spring, the lessons of Patience have helped me realise that life is about the journey, not just the destination. It’s not just about our achievements – our own form of blossoming – it’s about what we experience on the road to that fulfilment. It’s about recognising the miracles in the mundanity of everyday life – like noticing that the long-awaited

return of the swallows all the way from Africa, coincides with the exact moment that the flies hatch out on the gorse to feed them. That truly is a miracle. Patience teaches us to live in the Now, which is perfect and exactly where we need to be. That is the true lesson of Spring.

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