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There can come a time in life when you face a crossroads, when it feels as if your existing patterns of behaviour or your lifestyle choices no longer serve you but you don’t know which way to turn; you may be experiencing serious illness, divorce, death of a loved one, exhaustion, redundancy, depression or anxiety, or even a loss of faith in life itself. It is at these times as you begin to question ‘what it’s all about’ – times of crisis and yet of opportunity too – when The Soulistic Journey takes you by the hand and offers a new way of being; a path less travelled to the source of your being.

     Conversely, all may be well with your life and work, but you may simply feel, ‘there has to be more to life than this’. That is a signal to you that exploration and adventure beckon. Whatever has brought you to this point in your life, you now have an opportunity to dive deeply into your unique story and to reweave all the threads into a new blueprint.

     Many people are now beginning to question the prevailing narrative of contemporary culture – that of ‘Work, Buy, Consume, Repeat’ – and are looking for a deeper connection with life’s mysteries, beyond the human stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we should do with our lives. These stories are rooted in our own history and culture and are influenced by the lives and experiences of our ancestors, yet they have begun to feel limited, even irrelevant in the current, fast-transforming social and environmental ecosystems of our planet.

     We are bombarded by advertising and social media which indoctrinate us to look a certain way, buy particular brands of goods and aspire to have more money and more things ­– and yet in our hearts, this way of life feels meaningless and empty and… what is that word…? Oh yes, soulless.

The deeper connections we yearn for, but perhaps cannot yet imagine, can still be found in timeless wisdom traditions, in the magic and majesty of the natural world, in synchronicity and mindfulness, in constellations of like-minded friendships, and also, in ‘re-storying’ our lives to harmonise with our Soul Purpose: that yearning, that deep knowing that we were born to experience more than this.

     This book accompanies readers on a year and a day-long ‘walk’; a path of self-discovery and transformation. The walk itself is ‘meta-physical’ which means you don’t actually have to go anywhere, except inside your being; the walk is an inner journey of adventure and all that you experience will unfold from within you. This is a process of inside out change, that will challenge you to mine your authentic depths of wisdom and courage. That is the wonderful thing – your Soul Purpose already resides within you – it just needs to be awakened and remembered.

     The Soulistic Journey has the potential to irrevocably transform your life, because you will be able to see more clearly your heart’s desire, your true calling and your reason for incarnation in your body at this time – your Soul Purpose. You are asked to slow down to the pace of Nature, letting go of your opinions and judgements about how things should be, and to trust instead in the wisdom of the other-than-human realms. The Soulistic Journey is, as they say in Permaculture, ‘the perfect meandering’ – because meandering allows for time, Nature, wisdom and courage to percolate and create their magic!

     The Soulistic Journey will move you beyond your comfort zones into the realms of the imagination, working with archetypal energies and calling upon mentors and guides to light your way. As you walk the path of your unique Soulistic Journey, you will find that deeper layers of reality open up for you so that you are able to make life-enhancing choices that ensure you are truly the architect of your reality.

Lorna Howarth & Genevieve Boast, authors of The Soulistic Journey, published by Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.



The authors of this book – Genevieve Boast and

Lorna Howarth – first worked together on Tough Bliss,

a book that unflinchingly describes Genevieve’s personal journey to restory her life.


Between them they have lifetimes of experience in the fields of personal development, life coaching and mentoring, sustainability, environmental ethics, environmental activism, book and magazine publishing and writing.


Lorna Howarth & Genevieve Boast, authors of The Soulistic Journey, published by Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.
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The Soulistic Journey - A Pilgrimage To The Source of Your Being

It has been a long time since I have felt this much desire to read something – the chapter headings, the layout, the way things are named... all very exciting. It is like arriving at a big banqueting table.

– Maya Mitchell, Flamenco dancer and teacher

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