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Lorna Howarth Literary Mentor in St Ives, Cornwall


Do you need friendly advice and support as you work on your book?

  • Do you have the seeds of an idea for a story but don’t know how to get started?

  • Would you like to talk to someone about your ideas and get feedback?

  • Are you struggling with writer’s block and need help to get back into the flow?

  • Is your inner critic sabotaging your creativity?


If so, my mentoring service could be just what you need. I combine deep-listening skills  with forward-looking and problem-solving strategies, to really kick-start or reignite your writing project.


I work with you by Zoom or telephone to reflect on where you are in your writing journey and what support you may need to move forward. I use a ‘whole-systems awareness’ approach that enables us to get to the core of your process and devise tools and strategies to get you back on track.


In these friendly and non-judgmental sessions we work together to quieten your mind-chatter or ‘inner critic’; we co-create new objectives that you can bring to your work that will free-up your story and allow it to flow again; and we uncover any issues that may cloud your imagination or create a writing block.


My mentoring sessions will help to burst your anxiety bubbles, highlight your behaviour patterns and enable you to connect to your authentic authorial voice.

The fee for a one-off session via Zoom is £60

The fee for a set of three sessions via Zoom is £150


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