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The Soulistic Journey - Self help book - by Genevieve Boast & Lorna Howarth published by Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.

The Soulistic


A pilgrimage to the source of your being, following the Soulistic Wheel of the Year. The authors guide you on a transformative journey to reconnect with your inner wisdom and Soul Purpose.

Love & The Devine Feminine by David Cadman, Published by Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.

Love and the Divine Feminine

“Love said: 'I am the messenger of stars,  river, wind and earth. Hear me. Invite me in, and for a while suppose that what I say is true. For I speak of ‘Being in Love’, and once upon a time is always here.” 

Becoming A Conscious Leader by Gina Hayden, published by Panacea Books, Devon, U.K.

Becoming a Conscious Leader

What does it take to be a leader of the future? There’s a new breed of leader on the block who see themselves, their employees, their competition and the world as increasingly interconnected . 

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